Dissents Of The Day


A reader writes:

I must disagree strongly about the value of the white angry bird. I admit I felt the same way at first, until I discovered the real fun of this bird - after dropping its bomb, it propels itself with remarkable force at a 45-degree angle. If the bird is low enough, you can send it careening into whatever structure is protecting those damnable pigs to great effect.

Yes, that is its bouncy upside. Another writes:

Whoever made that Angry Birds Likability Scale is obviously an amateur thymo-orthnithologian.

True, the white bird's egg-bombs are pretty dinky, but his real strength is his ability to hit targets from below. He can also hit two targets on different sides of the screen if used just right. He is a multi-tool utility player, the shortstop to the black bird's DH.

The boomerangoucan also has an interesting and underappreciated power: he can go faster than any other bird, even the yellow bird. The thing about the green bird is that he picks up speed the longer you let him boomerang. If you shoot the green bird backwards and then boomerang him into the fray, he is very good. Of course using him requires finesse, but I thought Angry Birds was a thinking man's game!


The white bird has a hidden gift that many people don't know about; it holds the key to unlocking one of the golden eggs. See this Youtube for a full explanation.


The talent-less red bird is clearly the crappiest.

(Brandon Ortwein's "Angry Birdsky" mashup via TDW)