Creating An Al-Qaeda Scapegoat?

A reader writes:

You posted about the Egyptian army's attacks on Coptic monks and bemoaned the MSM's lack of coverage, but it's actually worse than you think: Supposed terrorist attacks on Copts ramped up in 2010, but it now turns out that it might not have been actual terrorists, but rather Mubarak's Ministery of Interior, playing up the threat of sectarianism and radical Islam to make the regime look necessary in the eyes of the Americans and Israelis.

Very high profile charges were filed against the MOI, Habib el-Adly, and while they were reported in Al Arabiya English, nobody else (except Reason) really gave them them a full airing in the English-language press. I think NPR and the BBC might have mentioned the allegations with one or two sentences, but nothing really.

I don't speak Arabic, but I asked an Arabic-speaking friend in Jordan, and he'd heard about the story and said it was a big deal there. It's a pretty serious accusation - it essentially means half of the reason we supported Mubarak was a lie.