Beck Busts O'Keefe: The Video Framing Of NPR

In an unexpected turn, The Blaze, a Web site owned by Glenn Beck and edited by Scott Baker, a co-founder and former editor of, has published a detailed takedown of the James O'Keefe NPR sting.

The Blaze’s Pam Key, who produces most of our original videos, is experienced in reviewing hours and hours of raw audio/video to find key sections that can then be used in proper context.  Her review of the NPR exposé identifies a number of areas to examine.

Do these areas reveal problematic editing choices?  Are assertions made in the video misleading? Are the tactics used by the video producers unethical?

The answers to all these questions seem to be yes. Despite the fact that O'Keefe is a known liar, and that his past video stings have been edited in misleading ways, much of the mainstream media ran with his latest. Will those outlets now inform their viewers and readers about the deceptions uncovered by The Blaze?

Here's one more fact check among many:

4 Racist tea Party from Naked Emperor News on Vimeo.

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