A reader writes:

There's more to this story than just Brigham Young. All of the church presidents after Joseph Smith had beards until George Albert Smith died in 1951.  The reason for the JFS_hero honor code?  The counter culture movement of the 60's.  My mom went to BYU in the late 60's (and dad was off at Vietnam) and she was not allowed to wear pants on campus.  She and her friends got around this by wearing trench coats and rolling up their pants.  A lifelong mormon (and BYU washout), I didn't know the full history of the honor code till I went here. Guess what?  The honor code was implemented in the 60s, as a reaction to the dirty long hairs running along the coast:  

Although previous BYU presidents had emphasized or de-emphasized adherence to moral standards according to their particular ideological bent, the trend during the 1960s towards greater regimentation was largely a reaction of President Ernest L. Wilkinson to developments on other American college campuses during the same era, when traditional western values were being questioned by students nationwide.
Believe it or not, there's an entire blog devoted to bringing back beards to Mormonism.While we're on the beard question, I suppose it is irrelevant that Jesus had a beard. The goddamn hippies are that powerful.
(Painting of Joseph F Smith, sixth President of the Church.)

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