As Bill Keller Gnashes His Teeth ...

The HuffPo signs up a crime reporter. Dish fave, Radley Balko, is moving come May:

As you may know, AOL bought Huffington Post several months ago, and they’re hiring a ton of great people to build out a serious journalism program. I’ll be working with some really talented folks, like (former Agitator guest blogger) Ryan Grim, and Peter Goodman and Tim O’Brien, who came over from the New York Times. I’ll be covering the same beat I do now, only with a much bigger platform, and with the resources to delve into bigger, more in-depth projects.

So what does all this mean for the blog? Come May, The Agitator will be hosted over at Huffington Post. I’ll continue to blog here daily, and I’ve been assured that there will be no content restrictions or editorial control over what I post. The blog will likely look a little different (I imagine there will be more ads), and the comments section will probably be a bit more crowded, but otherwise, things here will stay the same. So I hope you’ll all keep reading.

[Update: I somehow spelt "gnash" "nash" in my original headline. Brain-fart. Or perhaps because I rarely if ever see the word in print. Nonetheless, apologies.]