Another Neocon War!

"I think at this point you probably have to do more than a no fly zone. You probably have to tell Qaddafi he has to stop his movement east and that we are going to use assets to stop him from slaughtering people as he moves east across the country. We might take out his ships in the Mediterranean. We might take out tanks and artillery," - Bill Kristol, demanding another full-on war in a country he doesn't understand.

Kristol, recall, was one of the architects of the two worst military clusterfucks since Vietnam - a decade long nation-building effort in Afghanistan (why not the Congo?) and an invasion of Iraq on false pretenses, leading to the deaths of over a hundred thousand people while the country was under direct US supervision. It is, I understand, too much to ask of such war-mongerers whether they have any sense of shame left - that tends to be surgically removed during Fox News contract negotiations. But is it too much to ask that they acknowledge that the last two wars they argued for with such moral preening led to a human catastrophe, with no long-term security gains for the US, and vast amounts of debt? Is a total lack of reflection or responsibility now mandatory with these people?