Josh Green reports from "the first semi-official Republican cattle call of the 2012 election cycle" and declares Santorum the winner:

Pawlenty came across as a passable top-tier candidate, although his strategy for shaking his reputation as being dull was apparently to shout his speech. He, too, had it noted that he is enjoying a bountiful and happy marriage to his wife of many years (take that, Newt!). He also gave the obligatory shoutout to Ronald Reagan, quoted scripture, and invoked the Founding Fathers: "The Constitution was meant to protect people of faith from government, not to protect government from people of faith." ...

Rick Santorum won the evening in a rout, which surprised me. The trick at these sorts of events is to pander to the audience, but not in a way that's flagrant and embarrassing, like Mitt Romney does. Santorum seemed relaxed, genuine, and sunny, even when talking about unpleasant issues like partial-birth abortion.

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