That's Rush Limbaugh's description of Obama, and he's getting more matter of fact about saying so every day:

So the presidential campaign, here's the question.  You got an incumbent, Barack Hussein Obama.  Does the Republican nominee focus on what we all believe to be true, the guy's got a different view of the American tradition than all the rest of us?  Do we say, does our nominee, does our campaign focus on portraying Obama as anti-traditional American values, do we say this guy is a socialist, this guy's models consist of Marx and Alinsky, do we go that way, do we point that out?  Or do we say to ourselves, you know what, most people don't want to think that about their president.  There's such reverence for the office that people don't want to think that even if they admit that they made a mistake in voting for the guy, they don't want to think that they've elected somebody who is essentially an enemy of traditional American founding values. 

... I guarantee you the nominee, whoever he or she is, is gonna think there's nowhere else you can go but him or her.  So they may not think they have to service you in the campaign.  They may think we have to offer the red meat of this guy's socialist, Marxist, Saul Alinsky, 'cause they're afraid doing that might lose precious independents and so forth and so on.  So they just focus on policy.  I'm just asking the question here, what do you expect, what do you want, what would your reaction be? 

If you click through to the transcript you'll see that Limbaugh's staff is laughing at him through this monologue. What sort of people realize this sort of poison is mere schtick and help broadcast it? The same sort of cynical mercenaries who staff too much of the conservative movement.

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