On the Rush Limbaugh radio program, Donald Trump discussed his presidential aspirations, prompting this wonderful exchange:

Trump: I notice that the White House they give a lot of balls for people, and some should have balls! I mean, if you look at Britain, if you look at certain places, they've come through and they've been good allies, and we should have balls for them. As you know, 'cause you're in Palm Beach, I have the greatest ballroom probably in the world.  I built it five years ago, and it's one of the great ballrooms of the world.  It's at the Mar-a-Lago Club. And I see that the White House - the White House, Washington, DC - when a dignitary comes in from India, from anywhere, they open up a tent. They have a tent. A tent!

RUSH:  Yeah, I've noticed that.

TRUMP:  A lousy looking tent.

RUSH: Yup.

TRUMP: An old, rotten tent that frankly they probably rented, pay a guy millions of dollars for it even though it's worth about $2, okay? So they have a tent for a dignitary that comes in.  So recently, a couple of months ago, I called up the White House.  I said, "Listen, I'm really good at this stuff.  I will build you a magnificent ballroom.

We'll go through committees. You know, you have all sorts of things with committees. We'll go through committees; we'll pick the one they like. We'll pick the architect everybody likes. We'll pick something that works. We'll do ten designs. You'll pick the one that's the greatest with the greatest architecture.  I will build it free." So that's anywhere from 50 to hundred million-dollar gift.  I will give that, and I mean, I'm talking, Rush -- it's the first time I've said this. I'm talking to the biggest person, one of the biggest people at the White House.  I'm not talking to a low-level person.

RUSH:  Right.

TRUMP:  One of the most important people. "I will build the White House a ballroom.  So when the head of India comes to town we can give him a five-star dinner in a magnificent ballroom, befitting of this country and the White House," right?  They never got back to me.  It's a hundred million-dollar gift.  They never got back to me.

RUSH:  Of course not!  They think you're a Republican.

TRUMP:  Well, but they never got back to me, Rush.  When whether I'm a Republican or an independent or a Democrat, they never got back to me.  If I was a Republican they should do it anyway! They should say, "Trump's gonna give us a hundred million dollars? He's gonna build the ballroom? It's gonna be magnificent?" Why wouldn't they get back to me?  That's the problem with this country.  It's like no common sense.

What better to unite the Tea Party and establishment Republicans than the insatiable need to show the world that America has the biggest, best balls of all.

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