"My advice to the Israelis: no more land, no more peace, settle in for the long haul, stay focused on your military industrial complex because in your case it's not only necessary, it's a positive thing. Be prepared for war at all times, develop the most lethal weapons you can and as many as you can because that's the nature of the enemy you're dealing with both from within and without. Tell Obama to go to hell, tell Hillary Clinton to get lost, and be done with them. And by the way, then they'll respect you. But be done with them. I'm telling you now, you're going to get no support from this government, and if you don't protect yourself you won't survive. It's enough with the land, you barely have enough to live on as it is. Keep what you have, and protect it with everything that you have. And build as many damned settlements as you want...You need to be more aggressive, you need to be more assertive, and it's time that your neighbors fear you again. Let them know how lethal you can be," – Mark Levin

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