A Cartoon Of The Military

A reader writes:

You cite Alex Knapp, who wrote, "Now, in the 21st century, we send robot planes to bomb civilians in a country that’s ostensibly an ally." That is such unadulterated bullshit that it deserves a Moore Award nomination.  First, the planes (drones) are not "robots"; they're remotely controlled. 

In fact, the very first true military "robot" plane just made its first flight last month.  And just what do you think a pilot in a traditional manned aircraft can see when he's bombing from 30,000 feet?  He sees the exact same thing that the guy on the ground controlling the unmanned plane sees: video and infrared images of a target.

And then the whole sending robot planes "TO bomb civilians"?  Only an anti-military jackass would make such an uninformed and inflammatory remark.  Those instances are clearly very unintentional and tragic mishaps.  Suggesting there is intent to kill civilians on the part of the people who planned those missions is the modern equivalent of calling a soldier a baby killer.  Knapp was right on everything else he wrote in that piece, but had to "go there" in painting the military as a bunch of monsters.

Point taken.