Enduring America is tracking today's dramatic developments in Iran:

1254 GMT: RAHANA sums up the current situation in Tehran poignantly: "Tehran has once again become a barracks."

1535 GMT: Rah-e-Sabz reports at least 10 people arrested in Mashhad. BBC Persian reports shots fired near Vanak Square in Tehran. Tehran witness says protesters are chanting "Death to Dictator" near Azadi & Enghelab Avenues.

1605 GMT: Mardomak reports that rallies are trying to form in Tabriz and Shiraz, but are being blocked by security forces. A witness is reporting "mass arrests" in Tehran.

1616 GMT: Saham News is reporting --- but now as "unconfirmed" --- that two security vans were set on fire by protestors at Enghelab Square.

1724 GMT: A Journalist, speaking to Kaleme, reported that he was "spattered in blood" after security fired shots into the crowd. Kaleme is calling today's security presence in Tehran, and the resulting violence, "unprecidented." We have not yet verified these reports.

Tehran Bureau has more:

According to RAHANA, Ahmad Abad Street in Mashhad -- hometown of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei -- has become the scene of heavy clashes between the people and security forces. An eyewitness reports, "The clashes are severe. They're just short of firing mortar shells! The number of arrests is very high. I can say that there have been at least 150 arrests."...

Another report indicates that the special forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and plainclothes agents attacked people trying to move toward Azadi Square from Enghelab Square. Kaleme reports severe violence. Security forces attacked smaller crowds with batons and larger ones with tear gas. The slogans "Allah-o Akbar" and "Marg bar dictator" were heard up and down Azadi Street. Another eyewitness told Deutsche Welle that the violence is comprable with what occurred the immediate aftermath of the 2009 election.

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