"The Nuclear Renaissance Is Stone Dead"


Euan Mearns opines:

This is already the worst civil nuclear power accident in recorded history - Chernobyl was a military reactor and the Windscale reactor fire in England in 1957 was never properly recorded. The social and economic costs I believe will already exceed Chernobyl given the location of this event close to the heart of the world’s third largest economy. ... Decisions made now in the wake of an emergency in Japan may sow the seed of energy poverty in countries like the UK for decades to come.

Josh Green differs. In America, he thinks "the prospects for a deal on more nuclear power may yet survive."

(Photo: People demonstrate in solidarity with Japan and to call for the halt of the production of nuclear energy in front of Bugey's nuclear plant on March 15, 2011 in Saint-Vulbas near Lyon, France. By Jean-Phillippe Ksiazek/AFP/Getty Images)