Nicola Twilley features Danya Al-Saleh's map of bakeries in The Mission district of San Francisco overlaid with Norteño and Sureño gang territory:

The insights to be gained from a spatial analysis of cupcake proliferation have been examined on Edible Geography before, in a post inspired by Rutgers Urban Policy lecturer Dr. Kathe Newman’s theory that “cupcake shops can provide a more accurate and timely guide to the frontiers of urban gentrification than traditional demographic and real estate data sets.”

But whereas Dr. Newman’s students mapped cupcakes to track the flow of capital investment into previously depressed parts of the city, Al-Sayeh’s map is designed to draw awareness to the uncomfortable socio-cultural overlaps that occur in such transitional neighbourhoods.

“Next time you bite into your cinnamon horchata cupcake,” concludes Al-Sayeh, “reinterpret your surroundings.”

(Larger version of image in PDF)

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