"An Epidemic Of Not Watching" Ctd

Israel's headlong descent into extremism was not helped these past few weeks by a hideous, ghastly murder of a settler family occupying the West Bank, more missiles from Gaza and a bomb in Jerusalem after many years of relative calm there. Nonetheless, the growing backlash seems almost designed to facilitate even more embitterment among Palestinians in Israel and in their occupied country:

The new law allows the Finance Ministry to remove funds from municipalities or groups if they commemorate Independence Day here as a day of mourning or reject Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. The original bill, which produced much alarm and was altered, would have imposed prison sentences.

The second new law that has drawn criticism from the left establishes admissions committees for small communities in the Negev and Galilee, areas with large Arab populations. The new law says that communities with 400 or fewer families may set up committees to screen potential residents for whether they fit in socially. At the last minute, a rider was added barring discrimination based on race, gender or nationality, but critics contend it will still serve to keep Arabs out of Jewish communities.

These neo-fascist laws have been promoted by the fanatic, Danny Danon, who, naturally escorted Sarah Palin around Israel.