"A Pro-Faith Show"


Aaron and I are heading to New York today for the premiere of Matt and Trey's "The Book Of Mormon." I saw one of the earlier workshops a year or so ago, and caught a smidgen of a pre-preview rehearsal a few weeks back, and cannot wait for opening night (tomorrow's morning Dish might be a little hung over). But the genius of Parker-Stone is that they have a healthy skepticism toward religion but never cross the line into Dawkins territory. And so those who want to see Mormonism mocked in the musical need to prep themselves for seeing the LDS faith also praised, and Mormons weirdly admired. From an interview with one of the funnier performers, Josh Gad:

It really is a pro-faith show, in that it teaches us that people who are in dire straits, and people who are in desperate need of something greater because their lives are so wretched, and they have to dealt with such harsh realities, can find hope in a higher power, can find hope in something that is unexplainable, in something you can’t necessarily prove, but something you can believe in and hold dear to your heart, something that can give you the strength to carry on despite the hardships.