Would You Rather Date A-Rod Or Obama?

Here's Rush Limbaugh defending his recent comments poking fun at Michelle Obama's physical appearence:

Moochelle Obama is trying to tell us what we can and can't eat, not how much.  And the point is, if you're gonna do this, if you're gonna tell everybody to eat twigs and berries and gravel and all this other stuff, you had better look like an Ethiopian.  You'd better look like that's what you eat. ?

We've long since seen enough of Rush Limbaugh to understand that he lacks even minimal self-respect, decency and decorum. So the only question that remains is why, given the daily onslaught of indefensible comments, so many on the right still defend him. Wake up, conservatives. Your most popular entertainer is telling fat jokes about the wife of his political enemies. If anyone else were doing this, you'd grasp how crude it is.