Wikileaks, Uganda And The "Evil" Of Homosexuality

A fascinating bunch of US diplomatic cables have been published that reveal the full implications of the mounting and terrifying anti-gay pogrom in Uganda. It puts it in the context of broader politics, as a deliberate ploy to use gays as an excuse to discredit the opposition and buttress President Youweri Museveni’s 25-year rule as well. There are elections tomorrow. From the leader of the anti-gay fanatics, Martin Ssempa, a chilling quote:

Bahati also attacked the White House statement opposing the bill, saying that he admires President Obama, that President Obama ran on a platform of change, and that Uganda’s message to him is that “homosexuality is not a change but rather an evil that we must fight.” At this point the room erupted in loud applause, led by Ssempa pounding his hand on the head table...

It reads like something from the 1930s.