What Can America Do? Ctd

by Patrick Appel

Yasser El-Shimy lists "five steps Washington should take to expedite the Mubarak regime's inevitable demise, and allow a transitional government to lead Cairo into democratic elections." His post assumes Mubarak steps down - which is an open question at this point:

Declare Washington's interest in forging a special friendship with the Egyptian people, offering to advise on (and potentially fund) education, infrastructure, technology, research and development, healthcare, etc. Egypt will be in a very grave economic condition, when Mubarak leaves, and will be grateful for all the help it can receive. The police force has reportedly orchestrated widespread acts of vandalism of public and private properties to spread panic among the population. The Egyptian stock market and many foreign investments are doomed for a few years to come. The government will be hard-pressed to meet the expectations of the population in light of the damage the Mubarak regime inflicted on the country prior to its departure and the flight of foreign capital.