Violence In The Square


by Patrick Appel

Mackey passes along the news:

Al Jazeera reports from the middle of clashes between hundreds of rock-throwing regime supporters and opposition protesters near the Egyptian Museum close to Tahrir Square. The Arab broadcaster also reported that members of the Egyptian police on horseback were leading some of the regime supporters.

The Guardian has more. Here's Ahdaf Soueif:

In Tahrir Square, the army has pulled its positions well back into the square instead of at the peripheries and have stopped guarding the entrances to the square. The army s no longer checking the IDs of those who enter the square nor are they checking them for weapons.

A few minutes ago the Mubarak "supportrs" started attacking our press area in the square where activists have been collecting photo and video evidence of people who have been tortured under the Mubarak regime. As I write this the activists are being attacked with stones and sticks.