Tweets On The Ground: "UTTER CHAOS!"


by Chris Bodenner

AJE's Dan Nolan:

So many bloodied faces pouring out of this battle. Just saw v young maybe 8yr? old boy unconscious being carried on man's back

Soldiers left 4 tanks outside museum. Now anti gov protestors sitting on top. Main battle bout 100m further toward gala st. UTTER CHAOS!

8 guys on horses + 1 on a camel just charged the wall of anti govt supporters. Insane scenes that i've not ever witnessed before!

NYT's Nick Kristof:

In my part of Tahrir, pro-Mubarak mobs arrived in buses, armed with machetes, straight-razors and clubs, very menacing.

Mubarak seems to be trying to stage a crackdown not with police or army, but with thugs. They are armed and brutal.

I saw some people who were motionless and seemed badly injured. Hard to know casualties, but they're adding up.

Arwa Mahmoud:

The army has unblocked one of the entrances to #tahrir and pro-regime protesters entered. Some with knives.

I have seen people die in front of me. I almost died myself. People here r becoming more defiant than ever. They won't leave.

Sonia Verma:

Pro mubarak supporters jumping onto tanks. I am watching one have a very long talk with a soldier

Ali Seif:

:'( omg I have someones child, I have a child. 2 yrs max, green eyes, says his name mahmoud. Tweet it for me

May god take your souls if this childs parents are dead, may mubarak die. Mubaral your a murderer. Allah yel3ankoun, allah la ywafi2koun

Amr El Beleidy:

I'm at the doctor point, way more injuries than I thought! Battery running out!

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