Tweets From The Ground

by Patrick Appel

Sonia Verma, of Canada's Globe and Mail, is still tweeting from Cario. Mackey groups her tweets into paragraphs:

 Not a lot of women among the protesters today. Small pockets here and there, fewer than yesterday. In the heart of Tahrir no ability to SMS. Maybe a blackout zone. Protest messages written on prayer mats. Never seen that before.

They've given a three year old a megaphone. That would not work at my house! Burned out cars apparently make great crash pads for hardcore protesters who are somehow sleeping thru this. Amazed at the kids in this protest bringing water and food to the soldiers!

Motorcycles and taxis laden with bread and water given free passage to Tahrir.

[Muslim] Brotherhood not mixing at all with other demonstrators.

Harriet Sherwood of the Guardian is tweeting from Alexandria. She reports that protesters are on the move:

Just passed burnt out police station. 'All in Alexandria have been burned' a protester tells me. Ah, may have been wrong about protesters dissipating. Perhaps regrouping elsewhere. Marchers are heading for a mosque. One woman holding up shoe with Mubarak's photo stuck to sole. 

(Photo: Thousands of Egyptians gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square heeding a call by the opposition for a 'march of a million' to mark a week of protests calling for the ouster of Hosni Mubarak's long term regime, on February 1, 2011. By Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images)