Tweets From Bahrain: "This Is Not Real"

The above video is graphic, linked to by the Bahrain Center For Human Rights. Below, some eyewitness reports around the web. The Dish has blocked tweets into paragraphs to make them easier to digest. Here's angryarabiya:

Ambulance paramedic just told me that the riot police pointed their guns on them and said leave or we'll shoot you. A man just asked me if I was using Facebook, I said no. He said "then what are you doing?" and walked away. The guy who asked me about Facebook had to be a spy. He just came back and said good luck to me n left. He's def not 1 of us! they are allowing ambulances to come back as I am hearing. Have one protester here, he says "we were shouting 'peaceful' and then Commandoes with black masks surrounded then started shotting. Docotrs coming out of ER crying. "One protester went infront of crowd and raised bahraini flag, they shouted n told him to put down the flag. "The 1st shot came from a building and straight into the head of a protester, I saw him."

Kristof arrived in Bahrain yesterday:

Police attacking protesters here at hospital in #Bahrain. Tear gas inside. Panic. Panicked crowds running thru hospital after police attack. Drs rushing to ER. Tear gas grenades outside, wafting in. Lots of casualties. ER filling up. 1 a girl of abt 13, writhing on stretcher. 1 a man w terrible head wound. #bahrain Worst injuries from those at Deh marching toward Pearl. Many head wounds. Unsure if live fire or rubber bullets.  Seems to be mostly rubber bullets. But terrible, gaping wounds, maybe meaning close range.
Richard Engel of NBC:
Reports a group from a funeral decided to march to pearl.. Shot as they approached. looking at pearl now.. Glowing with blue flashing police lights.. Hearing gunfire near pearl, a few rounds. .. Many injured at hospital.. Dozens.. Mostly rubber bullets and gas.. A medic said.'they mean to kill' .. Protesters outside hospital chanting 'with blood. With souls. We sacrifice for hussein' -- shiite slogan. .. protesters went to hospital to donate blood.
Demonstrators were shot by snipers sitting on nearby buildings in the area. Doctors from Salmanya hsptl just confirmed to AlJazeera the army are not allowing ambulances to enter the area to save the injured.
Hard to hold back tears. This is not real. Not happening. We hear things like this happen in other places not our home. Roads leading into #lulu blocked by traffic police. Armed forces present. Armed uniformed men spread over flyover.Tanks stl present. Heading to SMC to donate blood. #bahrain anyone who can pls do #SMC
From my calls to the hospital, doctor confirmed he's seen a birdshot wounds and one live ammunition injury. Doctor states that victims are presenting with what looks like organophosphate poisoning #feb14 #bahrain.
JustAmira of Global Voices:
I feel I have died over and over again since #Feb14 #Bahrain