To Condi, From Don

Peter Nelson goes through some old e-mails:

From 2001 to 2006, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld wrote dozens of short memos to (and about) National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. They're succinct, and also, inordinately, hysterically disdainful. In fact, they might be the most important, passive-aggressive notes in recent American history, and now, they've gone public.

To celebrate the masterwork that is Rumsfeld's just-released memoir Known and Unknown we examine an overlooked corner of his tell-all treasure-trove of government: The man's profound gift for the passive-aggressive note aimed at Rice, his most common target of ire. We sorted through them, and pulled out the best. If you're going to be That Guy, the one who writes pathologically passive-aggressive notes, this is how you do it. And remember: These are all real. Or in Rummy's words: "Thanks."

Read them all here. Money quote:

"I think we better get some talking points on what Condi thinks she meant when she said we have made 'thousands of tactical errors.'"