The View From Your Window, Ctd


Apparently three of our readers couldn't wait for the next contest on Saturday. One writes:

The shot is taken from along the river, obviously, and the horizon/time of day suggests we're looking west to one of the bridges across the river between Ottawa and Gatineau, Quebec, in the background. Based on the profile, it looks like the Prince of Wales Bridge, an old currently-not-in-use railway bridge named after our future king (sigh).

The key is the sort of semicircle formation off to the left, which looks to be a little area called the Chaudière Falls. To view the Falls and the Prince of Wales Bridge from that configuration, looking west, you'd have to be standing on the Gatineau side of the river, which is a problem up until we realize that the view from that window is, technically, Ottawa (very tricky).

So based on the implied elevation and the tiny bit of frame off to the right of the window, we're looking for a reasonably tall brick building in the Terasses area of Gatineau. I'll guess the Holiday Inn at the Plaza-La-Chaudiere.


I had a little fun determining that your 2/15 VFYW "Ottawa" was actually taken from the Hull area of Gatineau, Quebec. The background, across the river, is Ottawa:



While the view is of Ottawa, the view is from Gatineau. Looks like it's from one of the massive Federal government offices with a great river view.  The Holiday Inn in the bottom left, together with the old stone building in the lower left give it away.  Here's a Google street view of approximately the same location.

Note that Ottawa and Gatineau together make up Canada's National Capital Region, but they are two distinct municipalities in different provinces, with different laws.  (Best known difference: Legal drinking age in Quebec is 18, in Ontario it's 19.)

We tried to get the exact location from the reader who submitted the photo, but no response. Update: a response:

Your reader is very close!  I work for the Government of Canada in a building that is attached to the Holiday Inn the reader mentions.  (Literally attached: we can take a corridor to the hotel without going outside.)  The photo is taken from a 16th floor office.