The Shortsightedness Of Arizona Republicans

Eliza Gray reports on a new bill:

On Tuesday the president of the Arizona State Senate, Republican Russell Pearce, introduced a colossal immigration bill, simply entitled “immigration omnibus.” The unusually long 29-page bill is a kind of catch-all for radical proposals, designed to insert immigration enforcement into practically every facet of Arizonan life, including public benefits like Medicaid and K-12 education.

The most extreme measure in the bill targets school children. If passed, the measure stipulates that parents must provide proof of their child’s legal status within 30 days of enrolling him or her in any K-12 school in Arizonawhether public or private (including home school). If the parent fails to provide the appropriate documents within ten days of a second notice from the school, the school must notify local law enforcement and the Department of Education.

Because that state will flourish in the future if its illegal immigrant children just hang out on the street during the day and more of tomorrow's adults lack a high school diploma.