The Return Of Persiankiwi

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A reader writes:

Just wanted to let you know that Persiankiwi, who was one of the most prominent sources of reliable tweets during the 2009 Iranian uprisings, and who went silent at the height of the repression, is back again. I held grave fears, so it's great to see her/him tweeting again.

Another reader points to prominent tweeter who hasn't reemerged:

I don't know if you remember Twitter user NextRevolution from that summer of 2009. He was a student at TUMS when it was stormed by the Basij. He went missing September of 2009. A friend from the States apparently took over his account and tried to give us updates. Just when it all looked hopeless, the friend tweeted "Everything is going to be ok" and then nothing ever since. I guess it wasn't.

George Papavgeris composed a beautiful song based on his original batch of tweets. At the time of the writing, NR was undergoing his first Twitter disappearance - the song ends with an imagined capture that NR in real life had just managed to escape.