The Regime Backpedals?

by Chris Bodenner

The Guardian's Matthew Weaver notes the early morning news:

9.27am: The prime minister Ahmed Shafiq has apologised for the violence according and has promised an investigation.

9.34am: Rapid political manoeuvring: Egypt's Vice President Omar Suleiman has held a dialogue with the country's political parties and national forces in a bid to end the protests, according to Reuters. Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei is refusing to take part until Mubarak resigns.


Egypt's cabinet denies that it had a role in mobilising Mubarak loyalists against pro-democracy protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square and said it would investigate those behind violence. Cabinet spokesman Magdy Rady said: "To accuse the government of mobilising this is a real fiction. That would defeat our object of restoring the calm. We were surprised with all these actions."