The Other Problem In The Shot Dogs Case

The Missourian reports on complaints filed in Columbia, Missouri, where a SWAT team raided a home and shot two dogs in front of a seven year-old girl, for 1 ounce of marijuana:

More than half the total complaints filed during the three-year period [2005-2007] came from blacks. In only two of those cases, or 3.2 percent, were officers found to have acted inappropriately. Among the 37 white citizens that filed complaints, 19 officers were found to have acted inappropriately.

Channing Kennedy summarizes:

It's clear that a real citizen review board, and real accountability, would go a long way toward killing persistent racial and economic disparities. It's also telling that the city didn't take action, and the nation didn't take notice, until police were caught on camera shooting a white family's dogs in front of a child. And the system still doesn't work.