The Muslim Brotherhood's Political Machine


by Patrick Appel

Drew Linzer and Lisa Blaydes explain their research on "how well can we expect candidates associated with Egypt's religious 'right' to perform." Joshua Tucker adds:

I want to draw readers' attention to the authors' use of the idea of bounds. Their piece should not be read to say the Muslim Brotherhood will win 60% of the vote in a fair election, and therefore would automatically capture the presidency in a presidential election. Instead, their data suggests that we might want to think about the likely support for a Muslim Brotherhood type party as falling somewhere between 20% and 60%. This is obviously a wide range, but it does represent a first step towards bringing hard data to this question as opposed to speculation.

(Photo: An Egyptian man holds a CD with information about the Muslim Brotherhood's MP and parliamentary candidate. It was distributed during a campaign rally during the last Egyptian general election in the village of Mit Nama, 20 kms north of Cairo, late on November 21, 2010 . By Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images)