The Dawn Of A Million Marchers?


by Chris Bodenner

Enduring America's live-blog is up and running:

0540 GMT: ... From the reports we did get, it appears to have been a relatively quiet night. We did hear of the Army firing machine guns in the centre of Alexandria --- at whom and for what reason was unclear --- but that was about it.

0550 GMT: Al Jazeera is reporting tens of thousands of people are going to Cairo on foot after train services were stopped by the Government.

Al Jazeera narrates an early morning video of chanting protesters (beginning at the 1:14 mark):

"People everyday tune into morning TV, and they see that ordinary Egyptians are still on the streets. And that they are brave....and God willing, we'll be out here on the streets. And please know that you're not alone.The Angels are protecting you. Are you scared?

[crowd yells NO!]

"I wanna tell you that Hosni Mubarak is afraid and terrified. The whole administration is terrified."

(Photo by Frederik Pleitgen)