The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew chided Obama for being more neocon than the GOP on the military budget, and wagged his fingers at Americans for being closet socialists. Andrew joined Frum in itemizing the right's budget delusions, and Ezra Klein clung to his optimism. We examined how Americans view defense spending, Kay McDonald blamed high food prices on corn ethanol, and Howard Gleckman continued to lay into Obama. Nyhan yawned at Silver's 2012 predictions, and Larison worried over Mitch Daniels' penchant for pandering. We photo-hunted the two-faces of National Review, and the right thought Islamists were infiltrating their ranks. Goldblog wasn't laughing at rape jokes, young conservatives shamed an old racist dude, and Dan Savage's Santorum prank lived on.

Libyans took to the streets, Tom Kutsch assessed regimes' stick and carrot methods to try to stop protests, and a reader gave us the insider baseball dish on Egypt. Andrew shed light on the disproportionate killings leaked in the Gaza memo, and Iraq's dysfunctions ran deep. Readers rebutted Gladwell, Brian Fishman contemplated al Qaeda's tone-deaf response to the revolutions, and not all Islamists are created equal. Andrew tested Beiber-Gaga magic, and previewed Matt and Trey's "The Book Of Mormon," Pinker didn't trust Watson to do more than play Jeopardy, and Jim Behrle prayed for a human win.

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