The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew inquired as to just when the adult conversation on the budget might begin. He tackled Medicare cuts, and others even if they might hurt people now, because they'd hurt more later. Heather Mac Donald urged Obama to call the GOP's bluff, Andrew examined debt in the Golden state, and parsed Wikileaks on Uganda and the gays. We kept tabs on the protests across Bahrain, Yemen and Libya. Mousavi went missing, and Joshua Tucker tallied the lack of violence that usually characterize successful revolutions. Andrew downed Clive Crook's straw man attacks on Facebook, Amy Davidson marveled at the moving Twitter cloud of Mubarak's resignation, and Anand Gopal reported on strikes across Egypt. Ursula Lindsey catalogued sexual harassment in Egypt (readers wrote in about the US), John R. Guardiano reminded us that Muslims saved her, and Ann Friedman argued female journalists also get greater access to stories. Hamilton Nolan broadened the debate,

Frum outed Chris Christie as the RINO-proof nominee, we dug deeper into the Patriot Act reauthorization, and Birtherism is a shibboleth. The GOP's foreign policy muscles deteriorated, FBI may have fooled us twice, and Palin was still thinking about running. John Cassidy viewed the deficit through the bond market lens, and Bruce Bartlett urged Republicans to take a big bite out of the apple. Edward Glaeser pointed to urban schools as the great challenge of our era, Norm Geras weighed voting for convicts, and Mike Konczal exposed why the budget can't help reform prison policy. Reihan applauded the advantage of the English language, gay marriage isn't a slippery slope, and Seth Godin was curious about your overlooked gems. Readers nerded out on Watson, Ken Jennings relived his battle, Keisel sacrificed his beard for charity, and we checked out the Asscam.

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