The Cannabis Closet: Mitch Daniels, Ctd

Serwer defends Mitch Daniels against Waldman's attack:

[D]espite Daniels jumping on the tough on crime bandwagon back in the 1980s, he's part of a very positive vanguard of criminal justice reform on the right. Ultimately, what he's trying to do in Indiana could have a much greater impact on mass incarceration, and on the ability of the people to lead productive lives post-incarceration, than his own personal hypocrisy from 20 years ago. I hope more of his former drug warriors follow his lead. 

Sullum's verdict is more mixed:

[I]f Daniels really thinks a $350 fine is an appropriate penalty for someone caught with several ounces of marijuana, he should at least support decriminalizing possession. Currently in Indiana, the amount of pot Daniels had triggers a sentence of six months to three years.