Seeing Enemies Everywhere

On his radio show, Sean Hannity hosted a surreal segment in which Frank Gaffney makes the case that the conservative movement has been infiltrated by Islamic extremists. Here's the audio:

Naturally, Breitbart's site is on the story:

"Big Peace has covered the issue of the infiltration of the conservative movement by people like Khan and others who attempt to silence criticism of Islam on national security grounds as 'Islamophobia.' If conservatives can’t talk about these things – and take the threat seriously– who can?"

It's darkly amusing to see foot soldiers in the conservative movement claiming that their own side is being taken over by the enemy. Then there are people like Breitbart who can't defend Gaffney's work, but has no problem publishing it. When David Frum criticizes fellow conservatives  for being insufficiently serious about public policy the right goes apoplectic. Who cries foul when Andrew Breitbart publishes allegations that the conservative movement is being infiltrated by Islamic extremists?