Scenes From Bahrain

Robert Mackey is compiling an impressive collection of clips and news reports. The above video shows the scale of the demonstrations. He narrates another scene:

In his televised address on Tuesday, Bahrain's king asserted that his citizens had a right to peaceful demonstrations, as long as they were in accordance with the state's laws. Despite that statement, several video clips posted on YouTube in the past two days seem to show Bahrain's security forces attacking peaceful protesters. [One] video, uploaded to the Web on Monday, shows one such attack, even as protesters can be heard chanting "peaceful, peaceful," an echo of the refrain heard at demonstrations in Egypt.

View that video here. Mackey goes on to chronicle more disturbing images:

Late Monday night, Maryam Alkhawaja of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, posted a link on Twitter to a very distressing and graphic photograph of what she said was the father of the man killed during Monday's protests, embracing the dead body of his son, apparently in a hospital.

Equally distressing video of what appears to be the same scene was also posted on YouTube by a video blogger using the screen name StopTortureBH. The same channel also includes what appear to be interviews with wounded protesters in the hospital.

On Tuesday, BahrainRights Twitter feed reported that a second protester, Fadhel Ali AlMatrook, was "killed by bird shot used by police this morning at the funeral of the first martyr." In another update, which included the warning "GRAPHIC CONTENT," the rights group posted a link to a graphic photograph of the dead body of the second man showing what it called "Evidence of close range shooting" by the security forces.