Reporters Under Attack

by Chris Bodenner


1325 GMT: The Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm is evacuating its offices as its building in Shorouk is attacked by a pro-Mubarak group. A CNN crew has been roughed up, with reporter Anderson Cooper hit 10 times in the head. Press TV's Hassan Ghani has been hit in Tahrir Square.


3:20pm Al Jazeera web producer in Tahrir Square says at least two camera crews (neither from Al Jazeera) being chased by mobs yelling "Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera!"

3:17pm Al Jazeera correspondents in Tahrir Square says that the pro-government mob is chanting slogans against Al Jazeera and apparently trying to find them. Reports of at least one Al-Arabiya correspondent being stabbed.


Graeme Wood, contributing editor to The Atlantic, reports on Twitter from Tahrir Square, "Beaten (lightly), had camera stolen by secret police at Egyptian Museum." He had posting photos from the clash; view them here.


Pro-#Mubarak thugs at #Tahrir v hostile to journalists. Several journalists attacked. I was threatened but am fine.


Anderson Cooper, the CNN anchor, said that his crew was beaten by regime supporters who also tried to grab and destroy their television camera. He added that "the Egyptian military is just standing by" and allowing the violence to take place.