Qaddafi Alone, Ctd

Another devastating blow to the Libyan dictator:

Nour Al Masmari, former head of Gaddafi protocol, tells Al Jazeera he resigned because it was the "human" thing to do following the Libyan leader's actions, which he called "genocide". Masmari said "it is the end of it" adding:

Now [Gaddafi] is using mercinaries, not because he wants to use them but because he cannot use the army. He cannot use the armed forces of Libya because they are Libyans and they are faithful and honest people. They cannot kill themselves, and killing their cousins and uncles and friends means they are killing themselves. So he doesnt trust them. He doesnt even trust his own guard.

Marwan Bishara begins an AJE op-ed, "The Libyan leader has lost all three pillars of his rule - tribal, military and diplomatic."