Physical Health Break Update

Today is the first day I can breathe fully and move around a little. Mercifully, I'm not in Glenn Greenwald's situation, where he had to be hospitalized for dengue fever and something else (but is now mercifully back home and recovering). I have a lung specialist's appointment today to check my progress, but, barring any bad news, I very much intend to be back Monday.

Thanks for your kind words, advice and above all, thanks to the Dish team. This is the first year in the Dish's decade that I have been able to take sick leave (and, man was I sick) and know that the Dish carries on and thrives - even during a period of history I would have given what's left of my right lung to blog through. Since this team has only really been in place in full for six months, that's something.

So barring any sudden turn for the worse, see you Monday. Inshallah. --- Andrew