Palin's Facebook "Denial"

Readers are ahead of me:

I am certain some other reader will make the same point, but I don't consider what Palin said about her phony Facebook surrogate a "denial."

She doesn't specify the account, so if we find out tomorrow it was her, she can say she never denied. She can also claim, "truthfully" that her only "authentic" FB account is SarahPalinUSA, and the weird ghost one she just made up isn't "authentic" because she says it isn't. She advises to pay no attention to the "fake" accounts, of which there no doubt are some, probably mostly parodies. She hopes we'll lump the non-fake ghost account in with these.

Who can say? Everything in Palin-land is inscrutable, or untrue, or delusional or just plain weird. It's dizzying to try and keep up.