Obama Says He Hasn't Ducked Bowles-Simpson

In his words:

Deriding the media's coverage of the budget, the president disputed the idea that the deficit commission's recommendations had been shelved, saying that "it still provides a framework for conversation." "You guys are pretty impatient," he told reporters. "The assumption is if it doesn't happen today, it's not going to happen."

I'd be happy if there were any signs of any plans to do it ever. But he insists he is not the one to make the first move:

“If you look at history of how these deals get done, typically it’s not because there’s an Obama plan out there. It's because Democrats and Republican are serious about dealing with [these issues] in a serious way. This is not a matter of you go first or I go first,” he said before describing a goal of “everybody … ultimately getting in that boat at the same time so it doesn’t tip over.”

Well, we'll see, won't we? From Gerry Seib:

That omission [of real debt reduction] is by design. Jacob Lew, Mr. Obama's budget director, said such proposals had a better chance in closed-doors talks with Republicans.