Obama "Organizing Anarchists"?

After watching this interview with Andrew Breitbart, conducted by National Review, it's worth asking the editors of that publication to stop for a moment and reflect on what their goals are. Improving the country? Advancing the conservative movement? Highlighting smart commentary for their audience? So why highlight Breitbart in your coverage from Madison, Wisconsin, if your own write-up proceeds as follows:

Turning to the White House, Breitbart calls President Obama's involvement in union activism "deeply un-American." "What you have is the president of the United States organizing anarchists, public-sector unions in order to intimidate Americans," he says.

In the comments at NRO, Steve Snow has this sane reaction:

"Say what? Obama is organizing anarchists? They are intimidating Americans? ...Who is this guy and am I supposed to take him seriously? You folks should be ashamed for giving this guy airtime."

And yet they cannot help themselves.