Meanwhile, In Egypt


[A]n opposition coalition --- including the Wafd Party, the Nasserist Party, the Tagammu Party, the newly founded al-Wasat Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, and youth representatives --- has called for the replacement of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq’s government with a technocratic government during the transitional period to elections.

Coalition members called on citizens to stage a million-person demonstration in Tahrir Square in Cairo on Friday to press the demand.

The coalition also demanded a new Constitution for a parliamentary state, the dismantling of the state security apparatus, the ending of the state of emergency, the release of all political prisoners, and the dismantling of the National Democratic Party and of corrupt local councils.

Egypt's Constitutional Amendment Committee has said that it will present its recommendations to the Supreme Military Council within the next couple of days. Sources said the committee has agreed to remove an article allowing suspects to be arrested, investigated, and monitored without judicial supervision, approval, or warrants. The committee has also reportedly agreed that an article will be amended to ensure judicial supervision over the voting process.

Egyptian authorities have postponed the start of the second term at universities by one week.