Massacre From Above?

Screen shot 2011-02-21 at 12.09.35 PM

Al Jazeera is tracking the troubling reports:

5:50pm: Geneva-based Libyan News Network reports phones cut in Tripoli, amid "massacre" in Green Square. More details being sought.

6:26pm: Further reports of live ammunition being used on protesters in Tripoli, with lots of tweets saying security forces are again driving cars around the city, shooting at everyone and everything. Ahmed Elgazir, a human rights researcher, told Al Jazeera that Libya News Centre, an organisation based in Geneva, had received a call for help from a woman "witnessing the massacre" in progress, who called on a satellite phone after landlines were cut.

6:30pm: Planes of the Libyan Air Force reportedly opening fire on protesters in central Tripoli. No way to confirm this currently - but we are getting many reports of chaos on the streets of the capital.

Track the best tweets on Libya here. More here. From Iyad El-Baghdadi:

Video of Libyan soldiers shot & burned by Qaddafi forces for refusing to obey orders.

The ghastly, graphic video is after the jump: