Libya, Day 9: "Muammar Can Go To Hell!"

Updates from the various live-blogs. AJE:

The International Coalition Against War Criminals, a collection of non-profit organizations formed in 2009 to focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has reported 519 deaths, 3,980 wounded and at least 1,500 missing in Libya since the start of demonstrations last week. ...

[This video], one of the clearest yet, show[s] the alleged "mercenaries" who are controlling security in Tripoli at the moment. Numerous Libyans in the country and abroad - including resigned officials - have said that the armed men have been brought in by Gaddafi's regime and paid to attack civilian protesters. Those sources frequently describe the troops as "Africans" who come from bordering countries Chad and Niger.


Reuters is reporting that rebel soldiers have said the eastern region of Libya has broken free from Muammar Gaddafi, who witnesses said was using tanks, warplanes and mercenaries to fight a growing uprising against his rule. "All the eastern regions are out of Gaddafi's control now ... The people and the army are hand-in-hand here," said the now former army major Hany Saad Marjaa.

Iyad El-Baghdadi:

Defected #Libya airforce captain to Aljazeera: Failed attempt on #Gaddafi's life yesterday. ... Officers who refused to follow orders were shot dead. ... High ranking officers asked #Gaddafi to step down; replied he will give them "burnt land". ... Once again: Anyone can enter #Libya now from the #Egypt border, no visas or anything. Inform the media.


Air Force v. Army. The primary targets of last night's aerial bombardment may have been dissident military units --- following the defection of numerous ground forces --- rather than protesters. Fighter jets bombed ammunition depots and command centres. ...

Yesterday Nouri al-Mismari, the Head of Protocol, denounced Muammar Qaddafi. Speaking from Europe, told Al Jazeera, "After I spoke to the media yesterday my eldest daughter was arrested by Libyan authorities at home." Al-Mismari continued, "If Gaddafi's personal Security Battalion known as the 'Mohammed Al Migraif' deserts him, he will be finished."