Home News: Your Take


Dusty remains indifferent. But she is always indifferent, except when a potato chip falls to the floor. A reader writes:

I took immense pleasure in using The Daily Dish as an excuse to avoid The Daily Beast and HuffPost. Now I fear your identity will get sucked into theirs and you won't be allowed to keep doing fun posts about hot hot bears.

Oh ye of little faith. I would hope my identity is strong enough to survive. TNR, The Sunday Times, The NYT magazine, Time, the Atlantic ... I am, as the lyric has it, what I am. And I retain editorial responsibility. So if you hate our blogazine after it moves, blame me and no one else, least of all our new host. Another:

OK Beast move. Just don't give up VFYW contest.

Are you kidding? Of course we won't. Another:

Well, I feel like when my parents divorced, and my trying to get used to Dad's new girlfriend (which by the way never happened, until the 2nd girlfriend post-divorce ;-)... So, okay, Andrew, I'm trusting this is a good thing for you, and I'm happy for you and the Team.


Probably the Lone Ranger here, but this feels sad to me. Newsweek came into my family's home for 50 years but after they all passed, I abandoned its increasingly malnourished content. Picked it up again when Ezra Klein signed on but found even a young hero of mine wasn't enough to maintain subscription. 

I'm left wondering how much more financially secure you and Aaron are going to be with this move, and whether (please, Lord, no) you will be expected to appear occasionally on Morning Joe.

I will not be appearing on Morning Joe. I am asleep during most of Morning Joe, and intend to remain so. But trust and verify. If you feel we are straying from our standards in any way, let us know. Another:

And not to make it about readers like me but what happens now to readers like...well...me? Unimportant, terribly opinionated readers like me. (Whimpering pathetically.) Will you still get our emails? Or will it become something now we read but don't feel need to respond because there will be A) A message board or B) Some secretarial person who puts it in a file and know you'll never hear opinion anyway or C) Well I don't know what else. But something else.

I don't do change well obviously. And The Dish has become a daily fixture. It will still be The Dish right? The wonderful Dish. Or will it be ... something not The Dish?

I have to go tend pot pies. I don't know whether to have an appetite. I'm still happy for you though.

Please. I and Patrick, Zoe, Chris and Conor will always be reading your emails, selecting the best and most persuasive and doing what we have always done. I'll be working from my blog-cave on the same blogging platform with the same amazing little team we've put together. We'll be having our weekly editorial lunch at the local diner. I'll be larding the place up with beards and MHBs and beagles and Pet Shop Boys lyrics. I didn't send a decade evolving the Dish to throw out our model. I'm sure we'll change - but we changed radically at the Atlantic.

Very gradual change we can believe in. That's the concept.