Hollywood's "Whiteout" Problem

Emily Colette Wilkinson downplays Manohla Dargis and A.O. Scott's argument that films this year suffered a dearth of racial diversity. Her prescription for the future:

What we need now are not white movies with Benetton tokenism (think Harry Potter: Cho Chang and the Patel twins), nor movies that ghettoize racial experience. What we need now, if our movies are to reflect American life as it is lived by more and more of us, is not white or black, but multiracial, biracialmovies whose plots and characters show how people of all races, not just white and black, combine and intersect in more mundane ways (marriage, friendship, work) and how these intersections have their particular, subtle racially-inflected nuances but are also just thatfriendships, work, marriages.