Has The World Peaked?


by Patrick Appel

Alex Massie allows himself to hope that it hasn't:

[I]n general or viewed from outer space this planet, despite its shortcomings and quotidian grumbling, is a better, safer, healthier, better-fed, more peaceful, freer, more liberal place than it has been at just about any point in recorded human history. For men and especially for women. Dr Pangloss would be proud.

Which is another way of saying that opinions on the present crisis in Egypt differ between those who fear catastrophe and those who see hope, note rage as the force driving the protests. Perhaps the optimists will be confounded and the world will take a sharp turn for the worse. If so then we may look back on these past 30 years as a Golden Age whose passing will be mourned as we wonder how and why and where we let it all slip away...

(Chart from Freedom House)