Gays Marriage Supporters At CPAC

The American Conservative Union's new president, Al Cardenas, says there will be fewer next year:

If you are a group -- and this has got nothing to do with your orientation -- if you are a group of straight couples, and you advocate gay marriage, that's not within the scope of what we believe the three legs of the stool of the movement are. So it's got nothing to do with your orientation. It's got to do with the principles you advocate.

Supporting gay soldiers will be verbotten too:

There are a number of gays in America who don't advocate gays in the military or gay marriage. They'll fit within the tent.

Says Dave Weigel, "That would mean no participating status for GOProud, which advocates both things. It would not bar people with these positions from taking the stage, which is good, because doing otherwise would bar Dick Cheney, Pat Toomey, and Ron Paul."