From Tunisia To Tehran

by Chris Bodenner

The Greens are gearing up for pro-democracy protests tomorrow:

Iranian opposition leaders are moving forward with plans to hold a rally Monday in Tehran in support of successful anti-government uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. Iran's Interior Ministry has refused to grant permission for the rally, which one government official has termed "riots for seditionists." Iranian reformist leader Mehdi Karroubi has been placed under house arrest, presumably in connection with the request to stage the rally. But on Sunday a renewed call for the demonstration appeared on both Karroubi's website and one belonging to another opposition leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi.

The regime is trying to stymie online communication:

Iranian authorities have blocked the word "Bahman" -- the 11th month of the Persian calendar -- from Internet searches within the country, according to an opposition website. The measure appears to be an effort by Iranian authorities to obstruct access to several websites that are promoting a rally on Monday -- the 25th day of Bahman -- proposed by Iranian opposition leaders in support of the uprising in Egypt, Saham News reported Saturday. ...

"By announcing that they will not allow opposition protests, the Iranian government has declared illegal for Iranians what it claimed was noble for Egyptians," National Security Advisor Tom Donilon said in the statement.

Enduring America is tracking the arrests of journalists and activists.